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T H E   D I N I N G   R O O M

Here's a little sneak peek of our dining room... it's filled with darker tones, giving it a bit of a cozy pub sort of feel. Check out the full room tour with more photos and sources right here.

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T H E   E N T R Y W A Y

Here's a little sneak peek of our mirror-filled entryway... more photos to come soon! Find out how to make the simple gold clothespin mirror in the upper right here.

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U P S T A I R S   B A T H R O O M   R E F R E S H

This post was sponsored by Wayfair, - they have generously donated a set of towels for my bathroom refresh.

When we moved into our house last summer, the upstairs bathroom was nothing special. It was functional, with decent fixtures and a livable wall color. But for those of you who know me, you know that I can't really deal with "just okay" when it comes to interior design. But we also had an entire house to furnish and decorate, so therefor a limited budget. So I decided to give it a bit of a refresh by simply styling it with textiles and accents. 

And this is where Wayfair comes in. I was already a huge fan of theirs, but when they offered to provide me with a new set of thick, cozy white towels and a soft bath mat, we became BFFs. It was the finishing touch that made the space feel just a bit more luxurious. Head over here to check out what the bathroom looked like before we moved in, along with some product sources and additional tidbits of info.

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P I N K   &   G O L D   H O M E   O F F I C E

Above are a few shots to give you a taste of my home office... check out the full tour right here. You'll see lots more photos, along with the horrid "before" image of the space. And learn how to recreate my faux wallpapered gold triangle wall using this tutorial.

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D A R I N G   D A R K   T U R Q U O I S E   B A T H R O O M

Our downstairs bathroom needed some serious help. So we added picture frame moulding and painted the top half of the room a rich blue-green color. Yes, we did it ourselves... it took a little longer than we thought! Read more and check out the ugly "before" photo here.


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