Design Fixation: Get Organized /// 10 Genius Hacks and Ideas


Get Organized /// 10 Genius Hacks and Ideas

It's that time of year when everyone starts talking about getting organized, myself included. And when our basement flooded a few weeks ago, that really put a fire under my butt to get this house in order. So today I'm sharing 10 hacks and ideas that will help you get organized this January. 

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher

1. Duct Tape Labels

This first one is made with colored duct tape, believe it or not! I printed out labels on my new DYMO MobileLabeler, which allows you to customize the layout and font on your phone and then print wirelessly. So much easier than the clunky labelers of my childhood! Just trim the labels to size and place them on top of the tape. 

Photo: The Crazy Craft Lady

2. Magnetic Makeup

This one practically turns your makeup into a work of art by using magnets to attach each item to a cookie sheet with a pretty paper background. Genius! Check out the tutorial here.

Photo: Via Cute DIY Projects

3. Hidden Printer

If you have a drawer to spare, consider removing the side and placing your printer inside so that you can easily access it but you don't have to stare it. Find out more here.

Photo: The 36th Avenue

4. Shoe Organizer For Cleaning Supplies

This concept can be used for all kinds of different problem areas in your home. Just hang a shoe organizer on the inside of a door and place cleaning supplies (or craft materials... or kitchen utensils...) inside the pockets. Read more about this awesome cleaning closet here.

Photo: Yesterday On Tuesday

5. Ice Cube Tray Jewelry Organizer

Use ice cube trays to organize earrings and rings... they even stack! Check out the deets here.

Photo: Honey We're Home

6. Matching Baskets

Use a set of matching baskets to store items in your linen closet for a super cohesive look. Add hang tags to label each box. You won't want to close the doors, it will look so pretty! Check out the details here. 

Photo: Today's Creative Life

7. PVC Organizers

I'm definitely going to try this one... Cut PVC pipe down and store acrylic craft paint inside. Check out the full tutorial here.

Photo: IKEA 

8. IKEA Skubb Dividers

I have these in my dresser and they are amazing. They would work in all kinds of drawers I bet. Get a set of 6 for $6.99 (!) here.

Photo: Faith Towers Provencher 

9. Bracket Shovel Storage 

I did this one yesterday and it is fantastic. It's such a great way to get those shovels and rakes up off the ground. Check out my instructions here. 

Photo: The 2 Seasons 

10. IKEA Cookbook Hack

These cookbook holders are actually made out of IKEA spice racks! Find out how to make your own cookbook storage area here.

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