Design Fixation: The Key To Hiding Your Clutter In Style


The Key To Hiding Your Clutter In Style

Life is all about compromise, amirite? So when it comes to storage, it's important to merge both form and function. Sure, those big plastic tubs are great for hiding lots of clutter... but they're also pretty darn hideous. The key is to pick a storage solution that looks nice and that also has some options. 

So when I came across these folding baskets from Wayfair, I knew I had to have them. They can be used as both hidden storage and decorative storage just by orienting them in different ways. And they can be folded and unfolded, which means that they arrived flat (so I didn't have to struggle with a giant box). This also makes them super easy to store or transport when you move. The material, hyacinth, has a gorgeous autumnal feel which was what I was going for this time of year. It is almost October, after all.

So here's the key to really styling these things to the nines -  reserve a couple of the baskets (they come in a set of five) for hidden storage, orienting the opening so that it's on the top; and then arrange the rest face out. Place a couple of books on the bottoms of these, and then put something pretty on top of the books. I went with the seasonal choice, heirloom pumpkins, but you might also try vases, picture frames or other decorative goodies.

By using this method, you'll have a cohesive-looking setup which looks gorgeous but is also functional. So basically, compromise is key. Pick a storage solution that has the flexibility of serving two purposes, and you'll be well on your way to an organized home in no time! Check out tons of other great storage solutions at Wayfair.

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