Design Fixation: 5 Ways To Add Charm & Personality To Your Home


5 Ways To Add Charm & Personality To Your Home

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It's easy to get into a rut when it comes to decorating. If you're a fan of a particular home goods store, it's easy to just order up everything you like from the catalogue and be done with it. But that always leads to a lack of charm and personality in a space. There are a few easy ways to infuse your home with some extra style that's uniquely yours, however... here's how:

1. Display souvenirs from your travels. Don't hide those mementos from past trips in the closet - hang them proudly on the wall or place them amongst the books on your shelves. While they always add visual interest and a worldly sensibility to a space, they also provide personal meaning to a room and can be great conversation starters. Not to mention, every time you look at them you'll be reminded of the wonderful experience you had while on vacation. 

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2. Add vintage pieces. Hang a vintage map of your hometown on your wall, or grab a few pieces of crystal cut glass from the antique store to create a unique centerpiece. Creating a bit of contrast with more modern pieces always adds visual interest. Just make sure they match your color scheme to some degree.

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3. Go BIG. When in doubt, hang something large and eye-catching on the wall. Here, a flag adds some serious drama - but you might also consider a large painting or even a woven tapestry. The sheer size alone will be cause for conversation when friends come to visit.

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4. Don't be generic. Sure, you could buy six matching chairs from IKEA. Or you could buy four uniquely shaped black ones and two unusual leather ones. Why not break out of the mould and try something that's a bit different? Take your time looking around on eBay, Etsy, consignment shops and local boutiques to find pieces that are truly unique. 

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5. Try unexpected colors and textures. Is there a wallpaper pattern that you drool over every time you see it? Or a favorite flower color that you just can't pass up when you visit the florist? Use those clues to identify a bold color or pattern (or both!) that you could add as an accent wall or a statement furniture piece.  

The overall key to adding charm and personality to your house is to pick furniture and accents that are unique to you. Dig a little deeper. Surf the net a little farther. And most of all, allow your true self to shine through! 


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