Design Fixation: Big News... I'm Teaching A Skillshare Class!


Big News... I'm Teaching A Skillshare Class!

I've been itching to tell you guys some big news, and now I can finally let the cat out of the bag - I'm teaching a Skillshare class! A couple of months back, someone from Skillshare asked me whether I might be interested in teaching a class. And while it felt like it was a big leap outside of my comfort zone, I decided to go for it!

Fast forward two months after lots of video takes and some massive yarn messes, and I have officially published my first class! In it I teach students how to create a fun bohemian style woven throw pillow using basic sewing and weaving skills. I'm a big fan of functional DIY projects, so this one fit the bill perfectly - a weaving that is transformed into a throw pillow for your home.

So if you're interested in taking my class, head over here to watch the quick intro video. The free Skillshare membership lets you watch any of the many hundreds of free classes, while the premium membership gives you access to all 10,000 classes (including the full content of mine). So if you'd like to become a premium Skillshare member, simply click the blue bar at the top of this page. (My referral link will give you a great deal... 3 months for 3 bucks!). 

And if you're not keen on making a throw pillow but you'd still like to join Skillshare, click here and then click on the Skillshare logo in the top left and you can browse their amazing selection of courses. 

Thanks for checking it out, friends!


  1. Such a cute DIY and I loved your intro! Are you liking Skillshare so far? They approached me too and I'm thinking about stepping out of my comfort zone as well!

    1. Thanks @Artful Days! Yes, I'm loving Skillshare... they do a great job of providing milestones and goals, which was helpful for me. I would highly recommend giving it a try!!

  2. Congrats, this is awesome! And I love the pillow!

    1. I appreciate it Rose! And thanks for helping me get started with weaving... who knew it would lead to this?!


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