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Home Decor Inspiration /// I'm Green With Envy

Paint color trends seem to go through phases. For a while black was the hot hue, then navy... and now dark green has been popping up all over the internet. And I have to say - I'm a big fan. It's moody and sophisticated, but it also has a natural, organic sort of feel. What do you think, would you dare to paint your walls dark green? Here's some inspiration that might sway you ;)

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Check out some equally stunning green-centric interiors here and here. Not a fan of green? Then check out these rooms filled with navy blue, magenta and yellow.  In case you can't tell so far, I like color. 


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  5. Simply, Green is not my favorite color but I must say that you make use of Green color very creatively. While reading your blog, now I love Green Color. Cheers !!

  6. I just found this blog and have high hopes for it to continue. Keep up the great work, its hard to find good ones. I have added to my favorites. Thank You. SS Homes


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