Design Fixation: 5 Gorgeous DIY Weaving Projects


5 Gorgeous DIY Weaving Projects

Recently I did some crafting with my blogger friends Rose and Haley from Popcorn and Chocolate, and they happened to be in the midst of some seriously cool weaving projects which they sell their amazing tapestries in their Etsy shop called All Wool and No Shoddy (go check it out!). So of course it made me want to give weaving a try too... what a great way to use up all of those yarn scraps that keep piling up! They were kind enough to share some tips and tricks with me, and I was immediately hooked (I'll be sure to share my progress over on Instagram ASAP). And as usual, I jumped on Pinterest and started looking for inspiration -- here's what I found.

Learn how to pile weave with this tutorial.

Learn to weave in the round with this pom pom rug.

Give this tassel weaving a try using this tutorial.

Add wave shapes to your tapestry... learn how using these instructions.


  1. Thanks for the shout out Faith! Can't wait to catch up this weekend and see how your weave is coming along!

    1. No problem Haley! Glad you guys can make it... see you tomorrow!


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