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Original Tutorial /// Easy DIY Colored Knob Wall

When we first moved into our house, we were jazzed to have a mudroom on the side of our house to kick off boots and hang jackets. But it quickly became an afterthought, while we focused on designing the other parts of the house that we used more. But I finally decided to do something about it. 

It was a corner of the house with very little personality... until now. I decided to use wooden cabinet knobs to create hooks to hang jackets, hats and scarves on. And then I painted them a bunch of crazy colors. Because why not? And you know what? It worked out pretty well, and now I have a convenient little landing strip where I can toss my things when I come inside. And today I'm going to share the process with you, so you can do this project in your own home.

Here's what you'll need for this project:

Begin by painting your knobs a variety of different colors using acrylic craft paint. I used hunter green, navy, magenta and sky blue. There's no need to paint the backs of the knobs.

Once they have dried completely, hammer the nail into the hole on the back upside down so the head is inside the pre-made hole in the back of the knob. Continue hammering it until it feels secure. Do this for all of your knobs.

Now you're ready to hammer them into the wall. Space them out evenly but at random, with a nice mix of colors. Hold the knob on the outer edges and gently tap it into the wall. If you notice that the knob is getting discolored from the hammer, cover it with a thin piece of fabric. 

And you're finished! Pretty fun, right?! You won't want to hang anything super heavy on them, but they are certainly strong enough to hold a light jacket. They are definitely a unique way to hang up accessories. You might also consider mixing up the knob sizes if you already have some on hand. 

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Many thanks to for sponsoring my colorful DIY project. Happy crafting everyone!


  1. How very fun! I love it! It looks like a fun art installation.

    1. Thanks Rachel! Maybe I'll tell people it's modern art ;)

  2. What a great idea!! Being able to get extra storage, just by using knobs is brilliant! I love it. :)

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