Design Fixation: DIY Gold Triangle Faux Wallpaper


DIY Gold Triangle Faux Wallpaper

I've always loved the look of wallpaper, but I've never enjoyed the price or the effort that is required to hang it. And thus, I have a confession to make - I've never used it. Instead I do things like creating gold triangle patterned walls using TAPE. 

And today I'm going to share a tutorial with you in case you'd like to make your own super fun "wallpapered" wall. 

The only thing you'll need is metalized polyester film tape and a pair of scissors. I bought my tape here for $8. Yep, that's a bit cheaper than wallpaper, don't ya think? Begin by cutting at a 45 degree angle to form a small triangle.

Carefully remove it from the blade of the scissors and adhere it to the wall. Space them out so that there is approximately one foot in between each one, and do one whole row all the way across the wall. If you want to get mathematic about it, grab a laser level and a ruler. But honestly, I just eyeballed it and I think it has a wonderfully playful feel about it. Place the next row about 8 inches below that one and stagger them so each triangle sits halfway between the two above. 

Continue until you've filled the entire wall. It won't take long - it took me under an hour to do this little wall in my office. Tip: Be sure to use super sharp scissors or else the tape will get stuck, tear, and just be generally frustrating.

It looks much better, right? (See the same wall without the triangles here.) It makes me smile every time I come in and sit down to work :) 

You could also change up the shape - thin confetti-like strips would be cute, or you could easily do squares. And this type of tape comes in many other colors as well. And if you feel like ogling some other super unique wall treatments, check these out.  Happy crafting everyone!


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