Design Fixation: 10 Beautiful DIY Easter Egg Ideas


10 Beautiful DIY Easter Egg Ideas

Find out how to make these bright gilded eggs by yours truly right here.

More gold eggs... check out the tutorial here.

Check out the how-to for these black and white beauties here.

Decoupaged confetti? Yes, please! Learn more here.

I'm loving these colorful PANTONE eggs.

These pastels are quintessentially Easter. Here's the tutorial.

Yet another use for washi tape! Check out the how-to here.

These watercolor-esque eggs are so pretty. Check out the tute here.

Gold glitter gives these Easter eggs a glamorous vibe. Here's the tutorial.

Learn how to make these muted eggs with a typographical twist here.


  1. Love all of these egg decorating ideas! The water color eggs are so cool!

    1. Thanks Rose! I know, I'm itching to give those water color eggs a try :)


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