Design Fixation: 7 Colorful DIY Projects For Your Home


7 Colorful DIY Projects For Your Home

Make this lovely wall-mounted organizer using this tutorial.

Add some color to your bed with this tassel tutorial.

Hang some plants on the wall with these cute DIY plant pockets.

Color your own free printable calendar... get it here (scroll down).

Find out how to make this colorful side table here.

Wall hangings are hot lately... find out how to make this one here.

Find out how to make your own painted transfer art here.

Above are seven of my favorite colorful DIYs of late... a few things to brighten up your home during this dreary winter weather. Isn't that layered side table fun? Happy crafting everyone!


  1. Love all these ideas! I really like the tassel blanket - it would be perfect to cozy up in this cold weather!

    1. Glad you like them! Yes, I'm partial to that one as well... so colorful and happy :)


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