Design Fixation: 10 Ways To Start The New Year Off Right


10 Ways To Start The New Year Off Right

Happy 2016 friends! I love that January 1st feeling... it's a chance to begin again with a clean slate. I have a few things that I'm focusing on this year, and I'm sure that I share many of the same goals with you. Here are some easy ideas and resources that will help you have a rockin' 2016. The first one is really easy.....

1. Hang a new calendar on the wall. It will help you keep track of time and make your wall prettier. I love the one above by This Little Street, and I'm also partial to this one by The Cottage Market. They're both free printables! 

Click "Read more" to see nine other tips for starting 2016 off on the right foot.

2. Organize your office. There's no better way to start a new year than with a clutter-free workspace. Here's a great article from with tips for organizing your office for maximum productivity.

3. Set work goals for the new year. If you write down a handful of goals, you'll feel more accountable - and therefore you'll have a better chance of actually accomplishing them. Print out this free worksheet to get you started. Plus, the worksheet will be a visual reminder to continue plugging away.

4. Get creative. Buy a book that gives you a little kick in the butt - the one above by Kate Neckel is on my list. Adult coloring books are also a great option. 

5. Learn something new. I'm currently obsessed with Duolingo, a free app that teaches you how to speak a new language through a series of exercises that feel more like games. Or if languages aren't your thing, try one of these ideas.

6. Get outside. I know, I know... it's too cold out. Or you're in Florida and it's too hot out. It doesn't matter - get out there anyways and go for a walk or a hike or go skiing or sledding with the kids. I promise it will make you feel great!

7. Cultivate your friendships. Visit, call, email or text one friend every day... it will bring a smile to their faces, and get you'll into the good habit of keeping in touch.   

8. Cook a new dish that you've never made before. This turkey and sweet potato chili is one of my favorites -  I made it again last night, in fact!

9. Read a book. The Goldfinch was the best book I read last year, and This Is Where We Live is one of my all time favorites.

10. Do a craft project! Click here to check out pretty much all of the DIY projects that I've ever shared on Design Fixation. 

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