Design Fixation: Sneak Peek /// Our Bathroom Makeover


Sneak Peek /// Our Bathroom Makeover

When we moved into our new house back in July, we wrote out a long list of areas that we wanted to change or renovate. Top on the list was the first floor bathroom. The photo above is what it looked like when the previous owners lived here. I just didn't love the color, and everything about it was, well, awkward. So we decided to make some changes to the wall. And it involved more than just paint. Click through to see the what it looks like now. 

It's not a subtle change, that's for sure! Because it's a relatively large space for a bathroom (compared to what I'm used to, anyways!), there were some dead areas that looked awkward. So we decided that white picture frame moulding would add interest to the lower half of the room, and it would also offset the dark navy/turquoise paint color that I had my heart set on for the top half. Although many might tell you that a dark color won't work in a room with no windows, I tend to disagree... so we broke all the rules!

Once we finish the full makeover, I'll share a more in-depth post with more photos, sources and a tutorial on how to install your own picture frame moulding. But for now, I'm pretty excited about the facelift!

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