Design Fixation: Fall Essentials For Creating A Cozy Home


Fall Essentials For Creating A Cozy Home

It looks as if fall is upon us. It's been apparent for quite some time, but I've just now begun to accept it. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like fall itself - it's just that I really hate winter. And once fall hits, it means that we're one step closer to snow. But in honor of learning to love autumn, I've been spending some time cozying up our house for fall. Here are some of my inspiration photos, and a few tips I've learned along the way.

1. Bring the outdoors in. It may be chilly outside, and your yard may be filled with lots of brown plants - but that doesn't mean that your house can't be filled with lush plant life. Buy a few new houseplants (they improve air quality) and cut some branches to give your space some vibrancy. Photo: Elle Decor

2. Add candles. Candles look pretty unlit and even prettier lit, so it's a win win. And you might opt for a pumpkin or cinnamon scented variety to make your house smell like fall. If you have a fireplace that doesn't work, try clustering candles as shown above. Or buy an Anywhere Fireplace to put inside... we have one and we love it. Photo: Glamour

3. Take advantage of the plaid fad. Plaid is in, and it makes me happy. I'm not sure why, maybe it's the nostalgia factor. It's easy to incorporate into your home without spending a ton of money... try a blanket to cozy up your bed, or a couple of throw pillows for the living room. Try gray plaid if bright ones like this scare you. Photo: Design*Sponge

4. Add pops of warm color. Orange is a quintessential fall color, and it's surprisingly easy to add to existing color schemes. If this hue is too intense, try a more muted version or a even something in the yellow family. Photo: Desert Domicile

5. Add cozy blankets. This applies to more than just your bed... we have blankets in the living room and even in the office (I'm always cold). This is a great opportunity to try some new patterns... stripes, polka dots and plaid (see #3!) are all great options. Photo: Parachute

6. Layer, layer, layer. If you have a couple of rugs, try layering them on top of each other... it will lend a warm, intimate feel to any space. If that's too much, try layering lots of pillows and blankets - or any textile, really. Photo: Via Lorri Dyner

7. Add soft textures. Faux fur throws, fuzzy pillows, and cashmere blankets are all excellent choices. The softer the better. I like to hold my pup Charlie in my lap - he's the softest texture of them all ;) Photo: Cheetah Is The New Black

Happy fall everyone!

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