Design Fixation: Changes + A Few Fun Links


Changes + A Few Fun Links

Happy Friday everyone! Before I jump into today's post, I wanted to take a minute to tell you that Design Fixation is going to be undergoing some exciting changes! I've decided to adopt a "quality over quantity" approach, so I will be posting once a week with a bit more of a focus on original posts. My goal is to share one original how-to every month, along with three other high quality posts filled with helpful information, inspiration and resources. There, I said it. Now hopefully I'll stick to it! 

Onto today's post, part of the reason for this change.... I've been a busy blogger! Here are links to a few of my most recent articles for websites other than my own.

My latest article on 

My most recent tutorial on Curbly: 

I contributed a few photos to this fun article for Houzz: 

Getting ready for fall with this metallic pumpkin tutorial:

Don't forget to stop by next week... I'll be sharing an original tutorial for a super easy gold starburst mirror. It will literally take you half an hour to make. See you then!


  1. But Typeface Tuesday is my favorite :(

    1. Don't worry, I'll still have a Typeface Tuesday every now and then ;)


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