Design Fixation: 7 Genius Ways To Use Up Fabric Scraps


7 Genius Ways To Use Up Fabric Scraps

Make a pretty fabric bookmark using this tutorial.

These scented fabric sachets will make your dresser smell lovely.

A fabric statement necklace is another fun idea. Get the tutorials here.

Find out how to cover your books here.

Make a yoga mat carrying strap with this tutorial by yours truly.

These bows are super versatile... get the how-to here.

Make fabric rope using this clever tutorial.

If you're like me, you have a ton of leftover fabric scraps from past sewing projects. I've been trying to use mine up, rather than buying new fabric (which is really difficult for me!) so I've been on the lookout for fabric scrap projects. Above are seven of my recent favorites.


  1. I can't sew, but I could do the book covers! What a great gift.

  2. Could not get the fabric rope tutorial ?????

    1. Just updated the link, sorry about that!


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