Design Fixation: Watercolor DIY Projects + Inspiration


Watercolor DIY Projects + Inspiration

Learn to create these beautiful watercolor letters here. 

A watercolor scarf? Yes please. Here's the tutorial.

I was just plain inspired by the romantic feel of 
this gorgeous work of art by Francois Henri Galland.

Make your own cheery watercolor gift tags using these instructions.

This stunner is for sale here.

This incredibly beautiful flower is made of crepe paper 
(and watercolors, of course). Check out the tutorial here.

This made me want to go paint... you can buy the original here.

I've been fixated with watercolor lately - I've been using the medium myself quite a bit, and I've also been drooling over anything watercolor-inspired online (which will be very obvious if you take a look at my Pinterest boards). So I've rounded up a number of fun little goodies above for you... a few DIY projects, with some stunning inspiration mixed in.

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  1. So pretty! I love the organic nature of water color and the fact that you have some control, but there's a lot that just happens when you use them.


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