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Be Creative!

You don't have to be an artist to be creative. I maintain that everyone has a creative side, but it just manifests itself in different ways. Maybe you don't like to draw, but you love to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen... that counts! Or maybe you're good at thinking outside of the box at work - that's a form of creativity too.

Although in theory my job as a designer and blogger is super creative, I find myself spending much of my time working on business-related tasks. So I'm working on adding some time into my schedule for painting, drawing, knitting, crafting, etc. That's why I was so excited to run across the infographic above. My favorite one is #20... it's always exciting to start a dialogue with someone about your work. To see this infographic and lots of other fun little tidbits, check out my Cultivate Your Creativity board on Pinterest.

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