Design Fixation: DIY 6-Way Convertible Scarf /// Style How-To Videos


DIY 6-Way Convertible Scarf /// Style How-To Videos

Pashmina Refashion Tutorial : DIY 6-Way Convertible Scarf Videos

Yesterday I shared my super simple pashmina refashion tutorial, an easy sewing project that yields a gorgeous convertible scarf that can be worn six different ways (that I've found so far). And today I wanted to show you the how-to videos I made that demonstrate how to recreate each style yourself once you've made the scarf. Here goes!

1. Asymmetrical Cape Style

2. Scarf Style

3. Traditional Cape Style

4. Giant Cowl Style

5. Open Back Top Style

6. Shawl Style

Pretty easy, huh? It's the perfect extra layer for just about any situation. And it's great for traveling since it has so many different variations. And in case you missed the super simple tutorial for actually making the scarf, head over here. 

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