Design Fixation: My Workspace + Some Inspiration


My Workspace + Some Inspiration

Above is a little peek at how I spend my days... in my kitchen, on my laptop, drinking coffee and designing stuff. (I also just used a similar photo for my new Facebook and Twitter headers). I often dream of having an entire room to use as a workspace... here are some images that I've filed away for the day when I finally have my own home office.

I'm loving the mix of industrial style furniture with pops of bright color in the 
creates collaborative workspaces for entrepreneurs, providing them with infrastructure, 
services, events and technology so they can be inspired to do what they love.] 

This space employs the same tactic. Isn't that blue 
Eames Eiffel chair to die for? Via Ultralinx.

I would love to have a chalkboard wall in my future 
dream workspace. Image found over at Japanese Trash.

Gorgeous color combo at this desk. Via Everything Etsy.

Although it might not be the most comfortable choice, a 
lucite chair would look fantastic. Via The Clueless Girl.

A classic black and white gallery wall would be a great way to 
display photos from my travels. Image found at This Is Glamorous. 

And of course, I'd add some greenery to my desk. Via Domaine Home.

And if you're like me, you could look at inspiring workspaces all day. Although it may not be the most productive pastime, it makes you feel like if you had one of these spaces then you could be productive. So here are some more home offices to drool over. 


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