Design Fixation: Color Block Your Rocks


Color Block Your Rocks

I picked up this smooth, oval shaped rock from a beautiful beach in Marblehead, Massachusetts that we go to pretty often in the summer - and it was just begging to be transformed. I've been inspired by these bright, geometric, color blocked sort of designs that have been all over the interwebs lately. So I went for it! 

There's not much to the tutorial; make sure your rock is clean, and use acrylic craft paints to create any design that suits your fancy. I did three coats on mine, but you could probably get away with two depending on the original rock color. And I used a cookie cutter in the shape of a tree to hold it up while it dried. Hey, you have to make due with what you have! DIY'ing at its best. I like these rocks too... so pretty.


  1. Cute decor idea. I actually collect rocks and shells from beaches along the coast and have considered getting rid of them but, this idea would definitely put some life into them!

    <3 Semirah

    1. Yes, definitely! I haven't painted shells, I'll have to try that next :)


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