Design Fixation: 4 Fun Ways To Use Washi Tape


4 Fun Ways To Use Washi Tape

Use long strips of washi tape to decorate your charger cords.

Write someone a message.

Use it with some baker's twine to make a mini banner.

Make a tiny book out of scrap paper and use the 
washi tape to bind the book (and hide the staples).

I have lot of washi tape, so I'm always trying to think of fun new ways to use it. Above are a few ideas I tried. I think my favorite has to be the iPhone charging cord; it's such a fun and easy way to tell yours apart from your friends'. Doing my computer cord next....

Looking for other creative ways to use washi tape? Here are 6 more.

And if you don't have any washi tape, here's a fun starter set.

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