Design Fixation: 10 Unique Ways To Use Your Wedding Photos


10 Unique Ways To Use Your Wedding Photos

So you received your wedding photos. Hundreds of them. Now what? Sure, you can go the traditional route and have an album made... but there are lots of other unique ways to use them. Here are my top-ten favorites:

  1. This Etsy seller will create a custom photo print with the lyrics to your first dance song written right on the image. Click here to order yours.
  2. Try your hand at this image transfer technique with a few of your wedding images if you're the DIY type. Here's the simple tutorial.
  3. A phone case is a great place to display custom images from your big day. Head over to Shutterfly to create yours.
  4. Indulge your artsy side by making your own scrapbook using printed photos, keepsakes from the day, washi tape, paint pens, and whatever else you might have hiding in your craft drawer. Read more here.
  5. This beautiful canvas collage print can be customized with a monogram and your names. Get started on yours now.
  6. Use a digital image as the background wallpaper on your iPhone. You'll need to email an image to yourself and save it to your photo gallery, then change the wallpaper using these instructions from
  7. Have a couple dozen photos printed up, and arrange them in a heart shape for some unique wall art, found over on Decor8ion.
  8. Send your photos to me and I'll design a custom thank you note that you can mail to your guests! Head over here for more info or email me here for rates.
  9. Create photo stickers for your wedding thank you notes like the good folks over at Martha Stewart have done.
  10. Have a little fun and turn an image into a custom puzzle. Shutterfly has lots of photo gifts for family and friends. 

Have you thought of any other creative ways to use your wedding photos? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!

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