Design Fixation: Flowers of Instagram


Flowers of Instagram

By Faith Towers Media (that's me!)

This is my attempt to encourage spring to show its pretty face. Because if we have one more cold, blustery, gray day where my static-y hair sticks to my face like a magnet, I'm gonna lose it. Follow the links below the images to follow the user on Instagram.

{Design Fixation}


  1. I hear you, Faith! Between blowing locks getting hung up on my lip gloss, and eyes watering from hair attacks, this wind needs to cease for a few days. Seriously considering a shorter 'do... with the primary instruction being "Just cut it short enough to keep it the he** out of my face!"

    1. I know! That's the worst when it gets stuck to your lip gloss... so then you end up with half greasy hair and the other half sticking out to the side from static.


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