Design Fixation: Would You Hang A Mirror Over A Window?


Would You Hang A Mirror Over A Window?

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Last week we talked about the "mirror on mirror" trend and how to layer mirrors in your own home... so today I wanted to explore the idea of hanging mirrors over windows. What do you think of the idea? Would you do it in your home? Have you already done it? (If so, post a link to a photo in the comments section!)

Aesthetically I absolutely love the idea. I think it's an interesting way to layer two things that don't usually go together. Very unusual. I can't speak to its functionality, however, because I haven't done it myself (yet). It would definitely block some light from coming in, and I'm wondering whether the reflection in the mirror would appear dark because the surrounding window would be so bright. The view from the outside of the back of the mirror would be something to consider as well.

Overall I think it's a cool trend, and I'm predicting that it will become popular soon. You heard it here first! Coming up later this week... lots of organizing tips!

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