Design Fixation: Outrageous Home Decor Ideas (That I'm Dying To Try)


Outrageous Home Decor Ideas (That I'm Dying To Try)

Chairs on the wall. Via Sarah Klassen.

Messy half-painted wall. Via.

Stenciled ceilings. Via.

A living plant wall. Via.

Neon in the living room. Via.

3D floral "wallpaper." Via.

Sometimes I wish I had a bigger house just so I could try some of these crazy ideas that I run across on the Internet. (Well that, and I have to blow dry my hair in the kitchen because there's no room in the bathroom. It turns out 500 square feet is pretty small for two people and a dog). Anyways... it's fun to be daring every now and then, and many of the ideas above are temporary and therefore less scary. Have you tried anything crazy unusual in your space?

These aren't quite as outrageous, but they're still pretty unusual... I'm dying to try the second one.

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