Design Fixation: 7 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring


7 Easy Ways To Freshen Up Your Home For Spring

Yup, I know... it's still February. But if I can't look forward to spring, I don't think I'll be able to make it through this cold, snowy winter! Is anybody else feeling this way? I haven't been able to convince myself that venturing out into the frigid air is worth it when I can just as easily sit on my cozy couch in my warm sweatshirt.

In case you're suffering from the same ailment, I thought I'd assemble a few tips on how to freshen up your home in anticipation of spring. Here are my ideas....

1. Switch up your artwork. Buy a new print to swap out with an old one, focusing on colorful pieces with a light, airy feel like the one above. ArtStar is a great place to buy limited edition prints, or you can paint your own using these instructions. Image via Summerfield Design.

2. Buy a new blanket or throw. This is an easy, affordable way to give your living room or bedroom a spring-like feel. Be sure to buy one in a bright color and a breathable fabric like the one above from West Elm.

3. Add plant life. Nothing screams spring more than lush, green plants. Be sure to buy plants of different sizes and place them at different heights around your home. Bonus: they will improve your air quality, too! Photo via Apartment Therapy.

4. Add stripes. Energize your walls by painting subtle stripes. I did this in my hallway using a matte blue alternating with a high gloss finish in a slightly lighter shade of blue. Here's a tutorial. Photo via Pepper Design Blog.

5. Hang sconces. Winter can be a dark time, between the early sunsets and the gloomy weather. Adding light to your space will give it more of a fresh feel. Adding sconces above your sofa will add both function and beauty! Photo via Serving Up Sparkles.

6. Try wallpaper. I know, all that paste... hanging wallpaper can be daunting. So why don't you paper a small space instead of your entire living room? Pick a bright, cheery pattern that will get you through the cold winter months. Photo via Shelterness.

7. Spray paint your furniture white. White really opens up a room, so grab a bottle of spray paint and go to town! Have four mismatched chairs around your dining room table? Painting them all white will create instant cohesion and a lighter feel. Photo via We Heart It.

Hope you liked my tips for freshening up your home for spring! Have other ideas? Share them in the comments section!

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