Design Fixation: Ways To Use The "Mirror on Mirror" Trend


Ways To Use The "Mirror on Mirror" Trend

Today I wanted to talk about the mirror on mirror trend that's been making its way around the world wide web. It's an interesting concept; sometimes multiple mirrors can make a room feel cheesy, like it's taken a time machine straight from the '70's. But interestingly enough, when done correctly, it can be beautiful. So I want to talk about how you can execute it in your home with fantastic results....    

In the image above, scale is the key. A small, round, decorative mirror is 
placed on top of a large rectangular wall mirror. Perfection. Make sure you 
take the time to pick the right size mirror. Via Flash Decor 

Here, a super tall mirror with rounded top corners leans up against a smaller 
rectangular one. And if you look closely, the one in front isn't actually a mirror - it's just 
a frame. In this circumstance where they are simply leaning up against a wall, having 
an odd number of frames makes it appealing to the eye. Via Etrangeres Insights

I love this room. One mirror is part of the wall itself, and it has an arched top which 
goes perfectly with the round one that's mounted in front of it. So be sure to pay 
attention to shapes if you're doing this in your own home. Nero Chronicles

The geometric framework in back is beautiful in and of itself, but the addition of an 
ornate gold framed mirror gives this bathroom even more glamour. It's larger than 
the individual diamond and octagon shapes in the back, but smaller than the 
overall size of the back mirror.... scale is crucial yet again. Carla Aston

This example is interesting because the front mirror creates a place for 
the sconces... wouldn't they look weird without it? Genius. Passion Decor

I can't get enough of this one. The width of the front mirror matches the width of 
the beautiful soaking tub, and its elegant style ties in the chandelier. This tells us that 
we should consider the other elements in the room as well. Signed By Tina

This wall of mirrors could have easily looked like an ugly '70's room, but 
the owners have actually played up the mirror aspect by adding them all 
around the room. Brave... and very effective. Amazing! Coco + Kelley

So what do you think? Are you ready to try the trend? Or maybe you already have? If so, be sure to post a link to the photo in the comments section. Check out some more gorgeous mirrors here... you'll see yet another example of mirror on mirror!

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