Design Fixation: Doors of New York


Doors of New York

I shot the image above in the Greenpoint area of Brooklyn.
I love the mix of materials - wood, glass, metal and stone.

This one was in Williamsburg. Love the graffiti.

Love the knocker... this was in the West Village.

Red Hook, at my uncle's glassblowing studio.

Williamsburg again... pretty in its own way.

And Williamsburg yet again. Very creative!

When I was in fifth grade, my teacher asked everyone to take a picture of their front door and we assembled it into a poster (inspired by something similar to this). Ever since then, I've been pretty obsessed with doors. I even follow this account on Instagram. Last weekend I took a trip to New York City and was struck by the doors there... every shape, color and style under the sun. So I took a few photos. Above are my faves. For those of you who live in the city - do you recognize any of them?

Stay tuned for one more New York City post coming up this weekend...

All images by me.

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