Design Fixation: More Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


More Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


The other day I shared some unique gift wrapping ideas that I've run across on the internet, and today I'm sharing a few that I've come up with on my own.

To recreate the top idea yourself: wrap your gift with a double layer of colored tissue paper. Then cut a piece of kraft paper to the correct size, and use an X-Acto knife to cut small V-shaped slits at random. Next, fold each V over. Then just wrap as usual, being careful not to smush any of the folded pieces. Don't they look like mini Christmas trees?!

For the second one, I printed directly onto a brown paper lunch bag. Click here to download the printable holiday greeting that I used.

For the third gift, I wrapped a wide piece of floral fabric around a kraft-wrapped package.

And the last one doesn't need much explaining, other than to say that it would look pretty with any solid paper color - it doesn't have to be kraft (unless you have a minor obsession like me!).

All images by me.

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