Design Fixation: {Typeface Tuesday} Script Fonts


{Typeface Tuesday} Script Fonts

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Happy October everyone! Did the summer really fly by already?

Onto typography. So I'm a closet fan of script fonts. I don't use them all that much, but that doesn't mean I don't love them. Clearly. Above are a few beautiful examples of script that I've seen around the internet lately. Do you love script fonts, or hate them? There never seems to be a middle ground....

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  1. Faith is the script font with the word actually called "SMitten", and if so where may I find it to purchase?

  2. Hi Kerrdelune - the "smitten" image is actually from a tattoo inspiration website... so it's possible that it's a hand drawn word. But I'm sure there must be a similar font out there somewhere... anybody know of one??


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