Design Fixation: Tips For Decorating With Round Furniture


Tips For Decorating With Round Furniture

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Using round furniture and accessories can be a challenge. Most rooms are rectangular, so adding a circular element to a space can prove challenging. But here are a few easy tips that will have you designing in the round in no time.

  1. The first and most important rule is to make sure that you have more than one round item in the room. If you look closely at the photos above, each and every one has at least two or three round pieces.
  2. The second rule is to choose your more angular elements according to the shape and size of the round ones. Notice how the rectangular coffee table in the first image fits perfectly over the two round ottomans.
  3. And the third is to pay attention to scale. If you want to buy a circular piece that is bold and bright like the gold ottomans, keep them on the smaller side in relation to the rest of your furniture. However, if you're dreaming of a clear glass dining table, consider one with a larger footprint.
These simple tips should have you combining shapes in no time... happy decorating!

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