Design Fixation: {Typeface Tuesday} Typography Using Embroidery


{Typeface Tuesday} Typography Using Embroidery

I have a bit of a fixation with embroidery and textiles, especially when combined with something else I love... like typography! I featured a great example a while back, and today I wanted to share Clea Lala's work with you. Her work is stunning - the letterforms are beautiful and her craftsmanship is just impeccable. Head over to her website to see more of her typography work.

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  1. As usual, you've introduced another fabulous talent to us; this artist's website is extraordinary and very inspiring!

    I'll be introducing some of her interpretations to my own artwork......Thanks for this 'new' discovery!

  2. Glad you found inspiration here Marilynn! I love that the artist pays attention to small details but also the overall composition and concept.....


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