Design Fixation: Nautical Chic Ideas


Nautical Chic Ideas

I love this idea of hanging vacation photos and keepsakes 
along with driftwood from the beach. Via. 

I saw this when I was in P-Town last weekend... 
wouldn't it make a cool DIY project?

I spotted this fun idea at Nor'east in 
Provincetown... a driftwood archway. 

This is a great DIY idea for a beach house. Found here. 

Again, I took this photo in Provincetown; 
what a great idea for a mirror!

I've always been a fan of ocean-inspired design (I like to call it "nautical chic") so today I wanted to share a few ideas that I've stumbled upon lately both on the web and in the real world. I would love to make a light fixture like the one in the second image. I wonder where I could find leaves like that?

Up next on Design Fixation.... POLKA DOTS.

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