Design Fixation: Ideas For A Workspace That Inspires Creativity


Ideas For A Workspace That Inspires Creativity

I have long dreamt of having my own home office to work in, so I'm always collecting ideas for the future (I will have my own workspace one day!). When I do, I want to make sure the space inspires me to be extra creative... so here are a few of my ideas:

I would love to have this roll of paper on my work table... 
endless white space to doodle ideas on! Buy one here.

I also enjoy the idea of putting your favorite industry-related 
magazines on hangers on the wall. Then there's no excuse 
not to read them! Image found here.

Add some metallics to your space... every office needs a bit 
of sparkle! Find out how to make these gold vases here.

Pops of color are sure to be inspiring. Image source.

An inspiration wall is a no-brainer. Image via Design Intuition.

I'd also love a vertical shelf like the one above 
to keep all of my creative resources 
close at hand. Image source.

Do you have any other fun ways to increase creativity in your home office? Be sure to let me know in the comments section!

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