Design Fixation: 10 Clever Ways To Use Spray Paint


10 Clever Ways To Use Spray Paint

Spray paint those magnetic refrigerator letters so they 
don't look like plastic anymore! Via Pinterest.

 Glue toy figures to blocks of wood and spray paint 
for fun bookends. Via 320 Sycamore. 

Spray paint a piece of nature. Via.

 Transform boring old hangers into colorful, fun ones! 
Would be great for a wedding dress. Found at Weddbook.

 Spice up a boring pair of flats using this tutorial.

 Find out how to do this layered technique over here.

 Give your desk (or any table) a little flair with 
spray painted metallic legs. Via.

 Write a message to your visitors using stencils. Found here.

Spray paint a window using old lace as a stencil. Via.

Label jars using chalkboard spray paint and blue tape. Find out more here.

I'm a big fan of spray paint. I recently shared an interesting project that involved spray paint and ceramic pottery. It's a very versatile material... as you can see by the roundup above. My favorite one is the metallic refrigerator letter project - fun if you have kids, and maybe even if you don't! Have you seen any other creative spray paint projects floating around on the web? Feel free to share them in the comments section!

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