Design Fixation: Scenes From Block Island


Scenes From Block Island

All the boats were dressed in their patriotic gear.

 And so were my nails!

Island version of a parking lot, aka "Dinghy Beach."

View during our 10 mile bike ride.

A pretty sunset over the harbor. 

 Another amazing sunset viewed from the back deck of the Surf Hotel.

Fireworks (finally, after a 2 day fog delay)

I was lucky enough to spend the long weekend on Block Island, a place that I've been wanting to visit for ages. It was a really great vacation... we stayed on a boat in the harbor, explored the island by bike, played lots of ring toss at Club Soda and even met Captain Morgan at The Oar. Oh, and I got stung by a hornet. You win some, you lose some! Overall, it was a wonderful time. Have you ever been to Block Island? What's your favorite spot?

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