Design Fixation: {Easy DIY} How To Make Your Own Photo Booth


{Easy DIY} How To Make Your Own Photo Booth

It seems like photo booths are popping up at more than just weddings lately... they're at parties, showers, everywhere! And making one of your own isn't as hard as it sounds. Today I'm going to show you how to make one for your next bash. Here's how you do it:

1. First, download a photo booth app to your smart phone or iPad. Here some great ones.
2. Now make yourself a backdrop. It doesn't have to be fancy... here are a few great ideas:

In the top left, they've used overlapping post-its to create a pixelated look. The top right is a bunch of pieces of crepe paper hung vertically. Just tape it to the wall. Bottom left is Cinco De Mayo fringe, again just taped to the wall, and the bottom right is an old sheet pinned using thumbtacks!

3. Next, get some props. This is where I come in! I just created three different sets of printable photo booth props that you can download for $2.99 each (via Paypal). They are high resolution PDFs with 9 pieces each, and they'll be sent to you automatically. All you have to do is cut them out and add wooden sticks (available at craft stores like AC Moore and Michael's). The first set is an 80's Edition, complete with neon sunglasses and a pink mustache:

Click "Buy Now" below to download the printable PDF and
start photo boothing 80's style, in all your neon glory. 

Buy Now

Next is my Gatsby edition, inspired by the flapper style of the 1920's.
Click "Buy Now" below to get your Daisy Buchanan on.

Last is my Retro Set, inspired by the show Madmen. Click
"Buy Now" below to acquire your very own paper martini. 

Now just grab a friend to take your pic and you're ready to use your festive new photo booth! This is such a great, affordable idea for a birthday or shower... pretty sure I'm gonna host a party just so I can make one myself!!

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  1. I had my ball the other night and there were four photo booths that were constantly in use! I like your props, we just had speech bubbles on sticks.

  2. Thanks Zoe! I'm glad to hear that the photo booths were such a hit.

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