Design Fixation: {Wedding Week} A Boston Wedding


{Wedding Week} A Boston Wedding

Hope everyone is enjoying wedding week here on Design Fixation. A couple of weeks ago I photographed a wedding in downtown Boston on one of the rainiest weekends of the year. Rain is a photographer's nightmare, right? Well, usually yes. But the adventurous bride and groom were ready to brave the elements and go outside for some pictures. And I'm glad they were game, because we got some of the best photos of the day! It just goes to show that sometimes you can turn lemons into the best lemonade of your life. 

Up next for wedding week: pink and gold party details.

All images by me.

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  1. These pictures turned out beautifully, and I *love* the surprise symbolism of the couple weathering the storm together.

  2. Thank you so much! Yes, that's such a nice way to look at it :)


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