Design Fixation: {Wedding Week} Attending A California Wedding


{Wedding Week} Attending A California Wedding

As promised, here are a few snapshots from the wedding that I attended in Burbank, California. As you can see, it was not your typical cookie cutter wedding. The couple thought of so many amazing one-of-a-kind details that made for a fantastic night. My favorite touch was the succulent wall that was the backdrop for the couple as they exchanged their vows. Obviously I love succulents.

Next up for Design Fixation's Wedding Week will be a collection of images from a wedding that I photographed in Boston. I'll give you a hint - the theme was books.

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  1. Fine pix, Faith, of what must've been an extraordinary event. Your friends seem to be as creative as you are—

    Did you catch the bouquet...?

  2. Thanks! No bouquet toss unfortunately :)


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