Design Fixation: Polka Dotted Packaging (And Some Freebies)


Polka Dotted Packaging (And Some Freebies)

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I've always loved collecting inspiration for pretty gift wrap and packaging, as evidenced by this post and this one too. And lately, my tastes have gotten even more specific: I've been on a polka dot kick. I even got out some white paint last night and recreated the kraft paper look in that second image to wrap a bridal shower gift. And isn't that bouquet of flowers just gorgeous?!

Also - click Read more below for a couple of fun freebies. I'll give you a hint.... they have something to do with polka dots (wink wink).

Click here to download this fun desktop wallpaper.

And here for an inspiring phone background.

Hope you had fun looking at all these whimsical polka dots :) Check back tomorrow for some dot-themed fonts for this week's edition of Typeface Tuesday!

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