Design Fixation: Coastal Cardigan Sewing Tutorial


Coastal Cardigan Sewing Tutorial

As many of you know, I have a number of sewing tutorials that I offer to my readers and followers. I like to share them with you periodically... so in case you missed it, here's my Coastal Cardigan Tutorial listing:

The perfect cardigan is hard to find, so why not make your own? This long sleeved light sweater is perfect over leggings or a dress, and it even has casual, droopy pockets to keep your hands busy. The gathered shoulder detail gives it a sweet feminine touch.

The step-by-step instructions are easy to understand and geared toward all skill levels (even beginners). All you need for this pattern is two yards of stretch fabric, scissors, thread and a sewing machine. This tutorial is set up so that you will use your own measurements as the basis for the cardigan. That way, the tutorial can be used for any size. This tutorial does not include actual pattern pieces; instead, a diagram will be scaled up according to your specific measurements.

Once you click Buy Now, the PDF tutorial will be sent to you automatically... no need to sign up for anything! Price: $3.99

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  1. Hi !
    I just bought your tutorial as I'm still looking for a perfect cardigan and I really love this one.
    Just a question : does the pattern drafted from the tutorial include seam allowance or not ?
    Thank you

  2. Yes, the tutorial does already include the seam allowance... no need to any extra fabric for it!


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