Design Fixation: Bright & Colorful Kitchen Cabinets


Bright & Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

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It looks like kitchens have taken a ride on the wild side... bold colored cabinets are popping up all over the place! I love the combination of dark blue with white marble countertops - stunning.

Not sure if your kitchen (or you) can handle bright colored cabinets? Try painting the bottom cabinets a darker color, and then leaving the upper ones neutral white. Two of the kitchens above use this technique. It's a trend that's popping up all over the place, and with good reason - it will make your space feel much larger and more open than it actually is.

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  1. These kitchen cabinets are very great! I love the designs of every cabinets, because it's very attractive and elegant. I would love to have this all in my kitchen!

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  2. Thanks, glad you liked the post!


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