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Thank You

A while back I launched a Kickstarter campaign called The Sewing Tutorial Project... and because of the generosity and support of so many, it was a success! So today I wanted to publicly thank my backers. Without you, I wouldn't have been able to continue my sewing tutorial venture! So here is a list of my kind donors:

Evan E. Franklin Mima Prints
Catherine M.
Morgan C.
Lisa W.
Teresa Elsey
Rachel Todd
Susan McVey
Jill May
Erin Brandeberry
Heather L.
Jesse W.
Chelsea B.
Madeline M.
Ana Elizabeth
The Blog Workshop
Jared B.
Jennifer M.
Teena F.
George F.
David G.
Megan F.
Priscilla and John

Thank you so much everyone!

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