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Home Office Inspiration

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It's no secret that I love drooling over pretty office spaces. Probably because I don't have one of my own (unless you count the kitchen table as an office...). Above are a few of my recent favorites. I love the Tiffany blue color of that first desk area. ALSO I wrote about colorful home office spaces on Curbly a couple days ago - below is a little preview. See all 10 of them here.

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  1. Office designing and construction is overwhelming for many because of the stress and challenges it has. But thinking of having an office space at home – your very own space and the freedom to do whatever you wanted without being disturbed – are worth all the stress. Anyway, all these look amazing, and I think the last one is the most applicable for any house design. I hope you'll have your own office room, soon! #Allan@

  2. You have a great set of inspirations, Faith! It's disappointing you don't have your own office space at home - a space where you can apply the same designs as these. A place where you can work and have a little time for yourself, far from all sorts of distractions. But I'm sure when you finally get to have one, it will look as lovely as your inspirations. | Clayton @ |

  3. Thanks Clayton, yes... fingers crossed :)


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