Design Fixation: More Window Seat Inspiration


More Window Seat Inspiration

I've been fascinated with the idea of adding a window seat to my living room for a long time now, so I've featured lots of pretty window seats on Design Fixation. My first article has been one of my most popular posts, actually. And today, I posted about window seats over on Curbly... check out all 10 of these inspiring spaces right here, including a gorgeous octagonal one. Find out how to make your own window seat too!

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  1. I’ve checked out those wonderful windows seats, and they’re now officially on my list of things that my dream house should have. As for the featured photo here, isn’t it just great to have a comfy place that can offer you a napping area just right next to your desk? It’s a really tempting piece for a bedroom or study room.

    Ashlee Starns


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