Design Fixation: Cozy Window Seats


Cozy Window Seats

Window seats can be a very functional use of extra space. They are made for sitting, but can also be great storage areas as well. Take a closer look at these beautiful window seats below. And if you're a DIY type, scroll down to the bottom for instructions on how to make your very own window seat!

Hope everyone in the northeast survived the storm... we got hit with over 2 feet of snow. The side roads are still a mess and difficult to navigate. Even with All-Wheel Drive I was slipping and sliding all over the place! Check out the picture of the snow drift I sent to our local news site on my Twitter page.

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Found this beauty on Pinterest. Love all that storage! 

This pretty image comes from Pink Friday... such a great reading nook.

French By Design brings us this moody little window 
seat area. Take a cue from them and add a quirky 
piece of art to draw attention to the area.

My Ideal Home shared this tiny seat with a 
graphic patterned pillow to add some zing. 

This is my idea of the perfect window seat. Obviously. Via Sortrature.  

Click here for instructions on how to build your own window seat.

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