Design Fixation: Help Me Make More Sewing Tutorials!


Help Me Make More Sewing Tutorials!

I've been making sewing tutorials for Design Fixation readers for over a year now, and I would like to start creating more of them and do them at a really high quality level. But these tutorials take time and resources to make... and I'm short on both! I started a Kickstarter campaign a couple of weeks ago to solve this problem and I had lots of amazing support at the beginning, but now the momentum is slowing.... 

This would be a dream come true to be able to focus more of my time on sewing tutorials, but I need your help to make this happen. Would you check out the page and perhaps just consider donating a bit to the campaign? Every single dollar helps. Here is the link:

And there are also "Tweet" and "Like" buttons at the top of the page if you feel inclined to share my project. So... pretty please... with a cherry on top... help a girl out! 


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