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Baby Things

It seems like all of my friends are pregnant. I've been to more baby showers than bridal showers lately, and Pinterest has been flush with good ideas for showers, pregnancy and all things baby. So I thought I'd share a few with you.... 

I'm loving these funky birth announcements. Three 
cheers for being unique! Via Oh So Beautiful Paper.

This is a cute photo to begin with... but then this couple turned the 
photo into a bunch of puzzles and gave them to their friends and 
relatives for Christmas. Genius. Found at J is for Jones.

A clever shower idea: Have guests bring a plain onesie and then provide 
iron-on decals for them to create a custom outfit for baby. Via Pinterest.

Diaper drink cozies found over at Craftiness Is Not Optional.
Adorable gift idea: Safari wall decals available at Amazon.

Hope you enjoyed these cute ideas for the wee little ones! Drop by this weekend for wedding inspiration.

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