Design Fixation: Using Pinterest In Real Life


Using Pinterest In Real Life

Every now and then I'll go on a pinning spree (okay, maybe most nights) but I feel that all this time on Pinterest is worthwhile since I'm actually using what I've discovered. Above and below are a few of the ideas that I've found on Pinterest and then actually put to good use in real life. I reinterpreted the project above by applying the same concept to a tea light holder instead of tumblers. See the original pin here.

The idea to use shoe caddies on bathroom cupboards is pretty popular on Pinterest, but I decided the concept would be perfect for my kitchen instead! See the original pin here.

I had a roll of cork board sitting in the closet for at least a year, no joke. So I finally decided to do something fun with it. Instead of putting it on the wall, I tacked it to the inside of the closet door and made white stripes using painters tape. See the original pin here.

And my fascination with washi tape is no secret... so I was thrilled to see this idea pop up. This is also on the inside of a cabinet door - my new favorite place to hide things. It's unused space, and in this tiny apartment, unused space is valuable my friend.

Up tomorrow, Typeface Tuesday... and it's another version of the NYTimes "T."

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